Donor Privacy Statement

The Justice Centre would like to thank all of our generous donors. Thousands of Canadians across the country have been supporting our fight for Charter rights and freedoms for more than 11 years, and we are so grateful that we can stand up for Canadians. 

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. When you donate, all your information is held to the highest privacy standards and will never be shared, sold, or disclosed.  We do not disclose the names of any of our individual donors to anyone.  With media stories about websites being hacked, and with Canadian bank accounts and credit cards having been frozen this past February, we want you to know that we have taken additional steps in order to ensure your private information cannot be hacked or leaked.

We have not, and never will, share your information with outside entities. We take multiple steps to keep your data secure. No credit card information or donor data is saved on our website. Address information for donors is kept completely separate from our website. We do not use crowdfunding sites, so when you donate to the Justice Centre, the donation is directly to us, and us alone.

All of our donation software is encrypted with TLS, and we enforce HTTPS/TLS connections for all web resources, including donation pages and our website portal. We run the latest firewalls and use a reputable, secure payment gateway with multiple levels of protection and quality assurance. All of our integrated payment processors are PCI compliant.  

Thank you for your support of the Justice Centre.  Please know that we are committed to protecting your constitutional freedoms, and also your privacy.