“British doctor and writer Theodore Dalrymple has written, ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph, said Burke, is for good men to do nothing, and most good men nowadays can be relied upon to do precisely that.’ Thankfully, that does not include the good men and women of the JCCF, who will not stand for doing nothing while liberty erodes. Instead, they are in the legal trenches defending our constitutional rights and free society. If not them, then who?”

– Bruce Pardy, Professor of Law, Queen’s University

“According to section 24(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982, ‘Anyone whose rights or freedoms, as guaranteed by this Charter, have been infringed or denied may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in the circumstances.’ But to apply to the courts for such protection of our rights and freedoms, most of us require legal assistance from those experienced at making and justifying such applications. In Canada, it is the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms which has been in the forefront of supplying such assistance, and I heartily recommend their services to Canadians, especially those whose rights and freedoms have been infringed or denied by the actions of overzealous bureaucrats and governments.”

— The Honourable Preston Manning, P.C., O.C., A.O.E.,  former Leader of the Official Opposition in the Parliament of Canada.

“These are not good times for the civil liberties. Freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of manners and comportment, and, especially, freedom of expression are all under siege in Canada today.  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is to be commended for the effective work it does both to articulate why free and equal people must enjoy the civil liberties and to halt their erosion.”

— Mark Mercer, Professor of Philosophy and President of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

“This is a critical time in Canada, and we need to draw attention to the erosion of freedom in Canada, particularly on campus. It’s good to have the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms there to ensure the rights of all students are upheld.”

– Andrea Mrozek, Executive Director, Institute of Family and Marriage Canada

“John Carpay’s fight for the individual liberties of Canadians is of the utmost importance and should be supported by all those who care about the future of Freedom.” –

– Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President and CEO, Montreal Economic Institute

“I have great confidence in John Carpay’s leadership abilities to build the new Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms into a formidable organization to defend Canadians’ right to free speech against censorship, especially in universities.”

– Dr. Clive Seligman, Past President, Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

“For many years, Canada has desperately needed an organization to properly defend freedom of speech.  At long last, we have just that:  the Justice Centre and its talented leader, John Carpay.”

– Michael Taube, columnist and former speechwriter for P.M. Stephen Harper

“John Carpay has an impressive track record of commitment to the constitutional rights of Canadians, and with his leadership I am confident that the Justice Centre will be successful in achieving its goals.  A free society will always need to be defended against those who wish to limit the rights which we enjoy.  The Justice Centre brings another voice for freedom to the Canadian scene, and we can never have too many of those.”

– Matt Bufton, Executive Director, Institute for Liberal Studies

“Free speech is the most important freedom. All of our other freedoms, such as freedom or religion and the right to vote, depend on it. Canada desperately needs the Justice Centre’s commitment to free speech, and Canadians of all political stripes should support it.”

– Ezra Levant, author, columnist and free speech activist

“Free association and free speech are the foundation of democracy.  Without them, accountable government is not possible.  Far too many Canadians assume these rights are protected when in fact they are being eroded.  It’s urgent that Canadians support groups and leaders that go beyond the usual platitudes and begin to meaningfully champion these principles that are fundamental to the human spirit.  John Carpay’s leadership and contribution on these important issues is unassailable.”

– Troy Lanigan, President and CEO, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

“John Carpay is one of this country’s stoutest defenders of our individual liberties.”

– Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

“The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is a new and welcome institution, especially dedicated to the defence of free speech at universities. At first thought this is a curious idea, as free thought and speech is of the essence of the university ideal. Unhappily political correctitude can on too many occasions subvert this ideal, and a watchdog is needed to defend those students and even professors who cannot afford to defend themselves. Founder John Carpay has a demonstrated, vigorous and successful track record in this regard.”

– Gordon Gibson, Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute