Mtre Samuel Bachand – Primary Counsel, Québec

Mtre Bachand is the primary external counsel for the Justice Centre in the province of Québec. His law firm, LIS (, is a member of the Centre’s pan-Canadian network of close collaborators.

Samuel articled and spent the first years of his career in the foremost litigation boutique in Montréal and, prior to joining the Justice Centre’s network, teamed up with his mentor, one of Canada’s best constitutional litigators.

He is a member of the Québec Bar since 2011. He earned law degrees from Osgoode Hall Law School and Université de Montréal, where he also lectured in public law, private law, and legal advocacy from 2012 to 2020.

Samuel is a fierce advocate for freedom from government overreach. He is most passionate about speech rights and believes that modern forms of censorship are clear signs of the – reversible – decline of Western civilization.