Eva Chipiuk – Lawyer

For the majority of my legal career I represented landowners in Alberta, opposing proposed developments by government bodies and energy corporations. These disputes were argued and defended before provincial and federal governmental tribunals. The majority of my clients were private landowners, looking to defend both their individual and property rights. These challenges offered me the opportunity to actively participate in 30 plus administrative hearings, including incredibly complicated matters that were heard in very condensed time frames.

I also hold a Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This unique education path has empowered me with a creative and holistic manner in the representing and defending my clients and their liberties. I have been very fortunate to have gained this experience, it has fostered my distinctive interpretation of the law, problem solving and addressing my clients needs.

In 2010, my personal life took an unexpected turn. In November, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of pancreatic cancer, requiring life saving surgery. This diagnosis and it’s consequence made me reconsider my life goals. In March of 2012, I took a break from law and travelled the world to focus on my wellness. Together all these experiences, professionally, educationally and personally have shaped my passion for the law and particularly for defending civil liberties and the rights and freedoms of Canadians. I look forward to working with my colleagues and my clients, both present and future.

Feel free to say hi in English, Polish, Spanish or French. Merci. Gracias. Dziękuje. Thanks.

Media Interviews

Eva Chipiuk, Life Site News, Thu Nov 25, 2021

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What is the best part about being part of the Justice Centre team?

The ability to provide guidance and direction to individuals unfamiliar with the Canadian legal system. The opportunity to support and bring clarity to those that feel vulnerable and lost in a complicated legal environment is truly the best part of my role. 

What has been your most significant moment or experience so far?

Hearing and leaning from the impact of what the clients are contending with. There is a story, a narrative of human experience with each case. Learning from these stories and being able to provide assistance is a very rewarding experience.

If you could meet any famous person in the world who would it be and why.

To pinpoint one specific individual, when there are many inspirational women and men that I find very compelling, is difficult for me. My first degree was in Psychology and I am fascinated by the human experience. Another passion that I have is politics, having an opportunity to engage either a former or present leader, provincially or federally to truly see what it would be like “to walk a mile in their shoes” would be a welcome meeting.

Did you always want to be a (lawyer) when you grew up?

I cannot say if I sought the law or it found me. I was initially interested in pursuing a career in psychology or medicine. However there is an anecdote that endeared the law to me. My mother, being a first generation immigrant from Poland and not particularly fluent in English, amassed three traffic offences and I attended with her in defence in Traffic Court. The process was intimidating and unfamiliar, yet I found the challenge very interesting and it set me in the direction of legal career.