Cynthia Murphy – Lawyer

Born and raised in southern Illinois USA, Cynthia embarked on an adventure riding her bicycle from St. Louis Missouri to Canada, then joining with a German national to hitchhike to Halifax Nova Scotia where she married, immigrated and had 4 children. Upon moving to a small community on the Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, her marriage ended and she raised 4 children alone from ages 1, 3, 5, and 7 years old to adulthood. A few years after the end of her marriage, she moved her family to Edmonton with the goal of furthering her education.

She attended university and law school while raising a family and teaching piano 4 nights a week and Saturday’s. While there, she became a member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity. She graduated from the University of Alberta Law School in 1999. She had a keen interest in international law and is a two-time alumnus of the Jessup Moot Court Competition, winning 4th place with her team for their memorial written submission in 1999.  

She worked for the government of Alberta in International Trade and Policy before and after her call to the bar. Immediately after her call to the Alberta bar she wrote the exams for the British Columbia Bar and was called to that bar shortly thereafter. She practiced business law, including transactional, early in her career and did not enjoy it. While seeking a new direction, she accepted a contract with the City of Edmonton to conduct appeals of property tax assessments in industrial, commercial and multi-residential property appeals before the Assessment Review Board. Shortly after, she became a member of the Saskatchewan Bar and practiced criminal defense in that province. 

She spent many years in Alberta and British Columbia practicing criminal defense and family law, including child protection. She was the first president-elect of the Child Welfare Trial Lawyers Association in Edmonton. She is a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer. These days, she has “feet on the ground” attending protests against government overreach, mandates and unconstitutional policies. She is pleased to be able to pursue constitutional freedoms for Canadians with the Justice centre. She became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2013 with seven ancestors conferring eligibility, so it can be said that freedom fighting is in her blood.  

She passed the exam to be a ham radio operator, call sign VA6ZIP, and has a bunch of sailing certifications, including bareboat and coastal cruising.  

She has a large family with 4 children, 4 in-laws and 14 grandchildren. She is super proud of her children who are: A Fire Rescue/First Responder; a PhD in endocrinology; an aerospace engineer; and, home and apartment construction.  

Her son, Dr. Caleb Grey,  provided a heartwarming tribute to her in his PhD thesis (“Ghrelin Actions and Signalling in GH and LH Release from Goldfish Pituitary Cells”) that says: “My mother deserves more credit than I will ever be able to provide; her strength in life became mine, and her dedication to her own education was the catalyst upon which my education, particularly post-secondary, began”. It is fair to say she does not understand the rest of the data in this thesis and her eyes glaze over when she tries to.