Trudeau and Premiers questioned about adverse consequences from government-imposed lockdowns


On April 17, 2020, the Justice Centre sent letters to Prime Minister Trudeau, and to each of the ten Premiers publicly asking questions about the cost – in human life and human health – of government measures which violate the fundamental Charter freedoms of Canadians to move, travel, associate, assemble, and practice one’s faith. Replies, if any, are listed.

Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Letter to Premier Ball

Response from Attorney General of Ontario on behalf of Premier Ball.

Letter to Premier Ford

Letter to Premier Higgs

Letter to Premier Horgan

Response from Attorney General of BC on behalf of BC Premier

Letter to Premier Kenney

Letter to Premier King

Letter to Premier Legault

Response from Quebec in French

Rough translation (not official) in English

Letter to Premier McNeil

Nova Scotia premier letter response

Letter to Premier Moe

Letter From Sask Minister of Justice

Letter to Premier Pallister

Letter From Attorney General of Manitoba