George Jonas Freedom Award

The annual recognition of a Canadian advancing and preserving freedom.

The Justice Centre presents the 2024 George Jonas Freedom Award to Ezra Levant for the many ways in which he has advanced freedom in Canada through his work as advocate, journalist, and visionary within the world of independent media. Join us in Vancouver, and Calgary for a celebration of freedom.  


Ezra Levant

The Justice Centre is thrilled to present Ezra Levant with the 2024 George Jonas Freedom Award. Mr. Levant is a fearless advocate for free speech and individual rights, embodying the spirit of liberty. As founder of the Western Standard print magazine and Rebel News, Mr. Levant has stood for decades against censorship and the right of Canadians to access information about their governments. Mr. Levant was also instrumental in the fight to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act - a significant victory for freedom of expression. Author, advocate, and visionary, Mr. Levant embodies the spirit of the George Jonas Freedom Award.

"It is a great honour to receive an award that has been given to leaders like Dr. Jordan Peterson, Tamara Lich and Mark Steyn. I look forward to attending the George Jonas Freedom Award dinners in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver to meet freedom-oriented Canadians across the country!" - Ezra Levant


About George Jonas

Author, poet, journalist and National Post columnist, George Jonas (1935-2016) made significant contributions to freedom in Canada after escaping from communist Hungary in 1956. George Jonas experienced life under both Stalinist communism, as well as the pro-Nazi Hungarian fascist regime during the Second World War. George Jonas supported the Justice Centre in his capacity as a board member of the Aurea Foundation, thereby greatly aiding the Justice Centre throughout its early years. In 2018, the Justice Centre inaugurated this annual award to carry on the legacy of George Jonas and to highlight the impact that one individual can make in defense of a free society. 

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Past Recipients

Recognizing extraordinary Canadians through the years.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

2023 Award Recipient

Psychologist, academic, and public intellectual, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a prominent advocate for personal responsibility, responsible government, and freedom of expression.

Tamara Lich

2022 Award Recipient

Metis grandmother, musician, and leader, Tamara Lich played a prominent role in the 2022 Freedom Convoy in the nation’s capital, defending bodily autonomy and freedom of expression.

Canadians resisting unconstitutional lockdowns

2021 Award Recipient

Due to stringent travel and gathering restrictions, the 2021 George Jonas Freedom Award was awarded to all Canadians resisting unconstitutional lockdowns across the country.

Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

2020 Award Recipient

Non-partisan and not-for-profit, the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship promotes academic freedom in teaching, research, and scholarship at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Christie Blatchford

2019 Award Recipient

Celebrated journalist, author and war correspondent, Christie Blatchford championed justice and the rule of law in the Canadian criminal justice system.

Mark Steyn

2018 Award Recipient

Political commentator and author, Mark Steyn led a human rights campaign to have Parliament repeal the notorious Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act in a significant victory for freedom of expression.