Job Description – Campaigns Coordinator

About the JCCF:

The Justice Centre is the place Canadians turn to when their fundamental freedoms are undermined and infringed by state entities – freedoms such as expression, conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly. Founded in 2010, the organization’s mission is “to defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education.”

The Justice Centre fights for a free society where governments uphold human dignity by respecting fundamental rights and freedoms, and where Canadians can realize their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

Job Description and Purpose:

The Campaigns Coordinator leads non-partisan public policy campaigns and petitions consistent with advancing the Justice Centre’s charitable purposes.


The Campaigns Coordinator reports to Director of Communications.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and leads Justice Centre petitions and other non-partisan advocacy campaigns on issues determined by the Director of Communications in consultation with the President, and consistent with the Justice Centre’s Strategic Plan as approved by the Board of Directors;
  • Undertakes no more than TWO campaigns at any given time;
  • Plans and budgets for Justice Centre advocacy campaigns that are submitted and approved. Assesses plans and works to improve strategies and tactics going forward;
  • Uses effective online and offline tools to educate and activate Canadians in support of campaign objectives. This includes but is not limited to: social media, petitions, apps, texting and calling polling campaigns, list capture and other means as deemed effective to achieve campaign goals;
  • Assesses and initiates advertising buys in both new and traditional media to push campaign support, calls to action, build supporter lists and earn donors;
  • Authors and distributes regular materials and calls to action that effectively grow supporter lists, motivate and mobilize supporters toward campaign goals;
  • With input from Director of Communications, works with the Operations/Admin Team to create and maintain lists that include postal codes in order to identify the federal and provincial constituencies where supporters live;
  • Keeps campaign websites, social media channels and related updated at all times;
  • In consultation with the Communications Director, revises the content of brochures (and creates and produces new brochures) on a regular basis, at least three or four times per year;
  • Working with the Office Manager, ensures that appropriate quantities of brochures are printed in a timely fashion and a minimal established quantity are on-hand at the office at all times;
  • Will serve as a media spokesperson on campaign issues undertaken, but will not do media interviews on any Justice Centre court actions, as these media requests are handled by staff lawyers;
  • Meets with and networks with leaders of other pro-freedom organizations in relation to advancing campaigns undertaken and improving the opportunity for successful outcomes;
  • Works with Justice Centre lawyers and other staff and contractors to develop submissions to Parliament and provincial Legislatures to advance campaign issues;
  • Prepares correspondence to lawmakers for the President’s review and signature, and manages the distribution of emails and other communications with lawmakers to advance campaign issues undertaken;
  • Attends events, meetings and conferences representing the Justice Centre’s advocacy campaigns;
  • Works with the Development Director to strategize campaign fundraising appeals that capitalize on both small dollar (direct mail) and major gift opportunities;
  • Conscientiously develops and nurtures a contact base of media, stakeholders, lawmakers, and donors that can help advance campaign goals;
  • Handles correspondence with supporters and donors generated by campaign activity; and
  • Works with vendors and other staff members (including internal meetings) as required;

Working Conditions/Expectations:

  • The Campaigns Coordinator is full-time and salaried. The Coordinator has flexibility as to when she/he works provided the work is done;
  • This position is new to the Justice Centre and so it is both expected and understood that the Coordinator may identify and put forward new ideas and practices;
  • Under direction of the Director of Communications the Campaigns Coordinator may be asked to travel on occasion to support Campaign objectives;
  • The Campaigns Coordinator will attend conferences and participate in professional development opportunities;
  • The Coordinator is expected to be well-informed and up-to-date on all Justice Centre litigation and education activities (not just specific campaigns as assigned) as well as current news and events related to public policy, politics and legal matters;
  • The Coordinator must be self-motivated and prepared to work independently and take initiative; and
  • All pre-authorized work-related expenses are covered, as are approved training and professional development expenses.

Performance Measurement and Reporting:

  • Once protocols are established, the Coordinator will be required to submit regular reports that measure activity and progress; and
  • After an initial six-month review, a comprehensive job evaluation will be undertaken and discussed with the Coordinator every two years.