Negative test and my mother-in-law is still forced to be locked up


In early March 2020, my 75 year-old mother in law was terribly sick with a bad cough, chills etc.. she went to her family doctor a few times and was given antibiotics and sent home!

She became more ill and could not breathe but was so scared to go to emergency because of the fear of getting Covid-19,  finally one early morning she had a breathing attack and called the ambulance, she then woke up a few days later in hospital, hooked up to a ventilator. She told she had pneumonia and tested 3 times for Covid. The tests all came back NEGATIVE. After a week she was sent home and slowly started to get better.

In early June she went in to get a check up because she had a little cough and the doctor said she has a little pneumonia. She was told she had to go and get another Covid 19 test. She went and had the test, and was told she had to isolate for 11 days, even though the test came back once again negative. She was told she must still isolate, and we asked why if the COVID test was negative? The nurse said “because it could be a FAULTY test”!!!

They are locking her up once again with a negative test. Why?? Because the goverments’ testing has a possibility of being wrong!!!

How many covid 19 tests read positive but could actually be negative?

The seniors and people have been through enough. Let the healthy people live their life!!! We are losing our minds, we are losing our freedom and our rights. This is what is going to kill us and has caused those who have never experienced mental health issues to now be completely affected and develop them.

Jackie T.