Is your name in the credits? Fixing the Constitution

Posted on Sep 21, 2016 in Columns, Latest Updates

Thank you so much for donating to help produce Fixing the Constitution, a documentary which explains the history, strengths and fatal weaknesses of Canada’s Constitution.

We are pleased to relay that this film is near completion! Because you supported Fixing the Constitution, unless otherwise indicated, your name will appear in the film credits, testifying the role you played in making this important film possible.

Please click here to preview the film credits and confirm that your name is placed and spelled correctly. If your name is missing from the credits, please reply to this email and we’ll make sure it is added.

If your name is in the credits and you do not want it listed, please let us know.

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The Justice Centre is excited to support Dr. John Robson’s forthcoming documentary about Canada’s constitution, to be completed in 2016.


True, Strong, and Free is a documentary project produced by the Justice Centre and Robson-Pellerin Communications

“True, Strong, and Free” is a documentary film which examines the history of government in Canada, from its origins in Saxon England to the coming of representative government in the British colonies that later became the Dominion of Canada.  This documentary will examine the virtues and defects in our original 1867 Constitution, and will examine the gradual erosion of parliamentary government throughout the English-speaking world since the late 19th century, as the executive branch increasingly came to dominate legislators.  This film will also look at the 1982 Constitution, described by producer Dr. John Robson as “a botched response to the wrong problems that disposed of British parliamentary sovereignty without bringing in American popular sovereignty, leaving us a bizarre self-contradictory document that couldn’t be fixed or even understood.”

This film project examines the problems with the 1982 Constitution in-depth: how it mixes up individual and collective rights, makes vague promises, doesn’t address what was going wrong with parliamentary government around the globe and, worst of all, excludes the people.

The film will also propose a solution: A constitution that respects our heritage of liberty under law, preserves parliamentary self-government under a constitutional monarch, protects individual liberty (including property rights) against the arrogance of politicians and bureaucrats, and restores popular legitimacy because, like Magna Carta and the old British Constitution, and like the American one, it comes from the people.

In an effort to educate Canadians about the problems with our current Constitution, the Justice Centre will work with Dr. John Robson and Brigitte Pellerin to produce a poignant analysis on pressing constitutional issues that is available to the public.

Through the Justice Centre, supporters can make a tax-deductible gift of $50 or more towards the film project. Click here to support this important effort to fix the constitution now!