Petition: No Taxpayer Funding For Universities That Censor

Each year, Canada’s public universities receive more than $13 billion from the federal and provincial governments. While promising to uphold freedom of expression and academic freedom as means to pursue truth, many taxpayer-funded universities have instead accepted speech codes, so-called “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces.” Banning speakers, condoning the disruption of campus events, and banning controversial speech through security fees are further examples of how universities today undermine Canada’s venerable tradition of freedom of expression.

WE the citizens and taxpayers of Canada call upon provincial legislatures to put rules in place to withhold taxpayer funding from public universities that fail to uphold and protect freedom of expression and academic freedom for students, faculty and invited guests. At a minimum, these rules should establish:

    1. Universities shall uphold the right of all students, professors, and invited guests to express their opinions peacefully on campus, without discrimination as to the beliefs or opinions that are being expressed.
    2. Universities shall not deter or undermine free expression by imposing security fees on individuals or on student groups which peacefully express their opinion and beliefs on campus.
    3. Universities shall, at the official institutional level, remain neutral on issues of public controversy to encourage the widest possible range of opinion and dialogue within the university itself.
    4. Universities shall establish and enforce a system of disciplinary sanctions for students and anyone else who interferes with the free expression rights of others
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