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Cyrynowski v. Todd

The Justice Centre wrote to the Alberta Human Rights Commission on behalf of Alberta resident, Todd, who was facing a formal Complaint under the Alberta Human Rights Act, for having asked about the age and gender of a potential babysitter for his young children. Todd is a single father with two sons, who were ages 5 and 8 at the time.

Regina v. David Stephen RIPLEY

Creston, BC: During December 2020, David Ripley and his wife Gina intently read the recent orders issued by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Student reinstated after University of Winnipeg had kicked her out for attending peaceful outdoor protest

A student of the Education Program at the University of Winnipeg (whose identity will remain undisclosed) had an exemplary academic record and excellent reviews of her interpersonal and teaching skills. She was described as a kind and compassionate person who was motivated to support and advocate for those experiencing suffering or hardship.

BCM International v. Canada

Mill Stream Bible Camp, operated by BCM International, had been receiving federal grants through the Canada Summer Jobs program. BCM had been using the funds to provide summer jobs for high school and college students to work at its camps and to allow underprivileged children to attend those camps whenever parents could not afford the fees.

R v. Brad Carrigan

Brad Carrigan had organized and attended weekly rallies against lockdowns throughout 2020. On December 26, 2020, Brad was arrested shortly after attending of these rallies and was held in police custody overnight.

Ontario Judge releases Tamara Lich

“Madam Constable, take those shackles off. ”   These were the instructions given by Justice Andrew Goodman to the police officer responsible for Tamara Lich, who spent 49 days in prison because of her involvement in the peaceful Freedom Convoy of February 2022.

Masking charge dropped: R v. Marr 

Trevor Marr (pictured left) was issued a $1200 ticket under the Public Health Act after getting off a C-train and noticing a protest rally on December 19 in downtown Calgary. After noticing the large crowd, Mr.

Masking charges dropped: R v. Audette

Ryan Audette (pictured at right) is a Calgary man who was issued a $50 ticket at the end of November, for allegedly not wearing a mask, while exercising his Charter rights to attend a peaceful protest against lockdowns. An estimated one thousand people were at the rally in downtown Calgary.