Our Vision

Freedom and Equality for each and every Canadian

Founded in 2010 as a voice for freedom in Canada’s courtrooms, the Justice Centre’s mission is to defend the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education.

The Justice Centre’s vision is for a Canada where:

  • each and every Canadian is treated equally by governments and by the courts, regardless of race, ancestry, ethnicity, age, gender, beliefs, or other personal characteristics.
  • all Canadians are free to express peacefully their thoughts, opinions and beliefs without fear of persecution or oppression.
  • every person has the knowledge and the perseverance to control his or her own destiny as a free and responsible member of our society.
  • every Canadian has the understanding and determination to recognize, protect and preserve their human rights and constitutional freedoms.
  • people can enjoy individual freedom as responsible members of a free society.

Our Priorities

The focus of the Justice Centre’s activities are as follows:

Individual Freedom: The Fundamental Freedoms afforded to each and every Canadian by section two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Charter).  These freedoms are paramount and embody the very values comprising our democratic society.  They are:

Freedom of Religion and Conscience: The freedom of each and every individual or community, in public or private, to peacefully express their distinct religious beliefs through worship, observance, practice and teaching without censorship or limitation. This includes the freedom to change your religion or to not follow any religion. This also includes the freedom of each and every Canadian to hold or consider a fact, value, viewpoint or other thought independent from other individuals.

Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression: The freedom to seek out an understanding of and peacefully express your thoughts, opinions and beliefs without censorship or limitation. This includes freedom of the press and other media of communication.  Freedom of expression is the keystone of our democratic society.

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly: The freedom to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.

Freedom of Association: The freedom to choose to live in a community, be part of an organization or associate with any individual based on your values, culture and other personal preferences.

Equality before the law: Section 15 of the Charter enumerates the human right held by each and every Canadian to be treated equally before and under the law, and to be afforded equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination based on race, ancestry, ethnicity, age, gender or other such personal characteristics. This right holds each and every Canadian subject to the same laws, and ensures that no individual or group shall receive special legal privileges.