John Carpay, founder and president of The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, talks about the issues–legal, political and cultural–that concern him most.

With facilitator and producer Kevin Steel, each week John will bring you up to date on the latest significant issues and legal cases, as well as provide insights about the law and the fight for freedom.

The topic for the first half is a case involving the banning of a film, Killing Europe, from the Ottawa Public Library. But legally, there isn’t much to discuss, so we get to talk about the film instead. The second half of the show is dedicated to Christie Blatchford, recently deceased Canadian journalist and recipient of the Justice Centre’s 2019 George Jonas Award

License plates–personalized, vanity, specialty, or ordinary–have been the subject of court actions both here and in the US for the last 40 years. It’s a complicated topic, pitting government speech against free speech and, often, political correctness against common sense.

The topic is freedom of the press, and host John Carpay, along with producer Kevin Steel, discusses the attempted exclusion of a couple of “right-wing outlets” from Canada’s Federal Election Leaders’ Debate last year. Even though it ended in a media victory, it’s not over yet.

How has the fight for civil liberties changed over the last two generations? Host John Carpay and producer Kevin Steel talk about the shift in society from an emphasis on individual rights against the power of the state, to group rights competing for political power.

The case of a father and his minor child undergoing gender transition in British Columbia is the main topic, followed by a discussion of an appeal hearing in Saskatchewan about a city’s disputed public flag pole, in which a mayor and council, out of the blue, banned a pro-life group from flying their colors.

The Justice Centre loses one when the ruling in the British Columbia smudging case comes down. This pitted a parent’s rights against a school that conducted an aboriginal smudging ceremony.  In an update on the Ngo case, the Justice Centre will be suing UBC for their cancellation of a speaking event due to “safety and security.” Host John Carpay and producer Kevin Steel also discuss the latest happenings with Jessica Yaniv and conclude with a recent ruling in favour of a dad dealing with child undergoing a gender transition.

The inaugural podcast from John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. This issue of Justice With John, opens with the University of British Columbia banning American journalist Andy Ngo from speaking to the local campus free speech club. This leads host John Carpay and facilitator Kevin Steel into a discussion about cancel culture, a recent ruling in a University of Alberta trial, and many other cases involving the hard working crew at the Justice Centre.