Province of Alberta Annual Deaths (all causes)

There has been a lot of conversation around “Excess Deaths” during the pandemic. The data below, takes a more detailed look at the information provided by Statistics Canada, for the Province of Alberta.


Average Annual Mortality Rate Increase (2010 – 2019):

Province of Alberta estimated 2020 deaths increase(all causes): 26,142 (2019) * 2.34% = 612
Province of Alberta estimated 2020 deaths (all causes): 26,142 (2019) + 612 = 26,754
Province of Alberta actual 2020 deaths (all causes): 29,232
Differential = 2,478

  • Due to rounding there may be a discrepancy between categories (ie. Excess Deaths – Covid Attributed) may not equal Excess Non-Covid.
  • It is assumed that 100% of all Covid Attributed deaths were the result of Covid and not just a factor in the death of the individual.


Based upon historical trends, there were 2,478 more deaths in Alberta for 2020 than expected.

  • Assuming that 100% of all Covid Attributed Deaths were a result of Covid only – that accounts for 1,046 of the 2,478.
  • There were 1,429 deaths, over the expected number of deaths, that were not a result of Covid.
  • No conclusion can be made if these were due to any of the Covid Pandemic responses by any of the provinces and the federal government.