Statement from John Carpay

Posted on Nov 11, 2018 in Latest Updates, News Releases

Justice Centre president John Carpay issued a statement today regarding remarks he made at a conference in Calgary on November 10, 2018:


“At a conference organized by The Rebel in Calgary on November 10, I spoke for about 20 minutes about the nature and characteristics of totalitarianism, and the nature and characteristics of its opposite: the free society.

It is my understanding that this presentation will be posted online very soon.  It should be viewed in its entirety.

In speaking about the nature of the free society, and attacks on the free society, I referred in the same sentence to the rainbow flag and to the flags representing communist and Nazi ideologies.

In doing so, I unintentionally drew a broad comparison between the rainbow flag and the flags which bear the symbols of Communism and Nazism.  I should not have done so, and I apologize.

What I pointed out, in my 20-minute presentation, was that past attempts to enforce utopian ideals have often failed badly.  We must always take care that, in our latter-day attempts to perfect the rights of any historically wronged community, we not trammel the rights of others.

In my presentation, I pointed out that civil liberties are fragile, and must be defended.  Unfortunately, the slogans of “diversity,” “equity,” “tolerance” and “inclusion” have been abused in ways that undermine our free society, and the fundamental freedoms of speech, conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly.  Fundamental freedoms need to be defended, regardless of where the attack is coming from.

Taken in context, I hope it can be seen that it was not my intent to broadly equate the rainbow flag with the evils of Communism and Nazism, and I again offer my apology to anyone who may have interpreted my remarks in such fashion.”