Welcome to the Justice Centre

The free and democratic society which the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms holds out as our ideal can only be fulfilled by honouring and preserving Canada’s traditions of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, other individual rights, constitutionally limited government, the equality of all citizens before the law, and the rule of law.

And yet these core principles of freedom and equality continue to be eroded by governments and by government-funded and government-created entities like Canada’s public universities, and human rights commissions.

The Justice Centre was founded in 2010 for the purpose of advancing and promoting the core principles of freedom and equality through education and litigation.

The Justice Centre officially received its charitable status in the fall of 2010 (charitable registration number 817174865-RR0001) and issues official tax receipts to donors for donations of $50 or more.

The Justice Centre seeks to promote and enforce the basic human rights of Canadians as set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Canadian Human Rights Act, and the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights.  The Centre also seeks to examine and provide commentary on recent court decisions and on government policies which impact the civil and constitutional rights of Canadians.

The Justice Centre provides pro bono legal representation to Canadians facing a violation of one of their human rights or constitutional freedoms.  Our dedicated Legal Staff provide pro bono legal representation to Canadians unable to afford the high cost of defending and preserving their Charter rights and other legal rights.

The Justice Centre is funded entirely by the voluntary donations of freedom-minded Canadians who agree with the Centre’s goals, mission, vision and activities. The centre is independent and non-partisan, and receives no funding from any government or government organization.