Charlotte Jordan

Charlotte values her personal liberty and the freedom to make independent decisions without external influence. She recognizes the importance of self-determination, autonomy, and the fundamental right to live in accordance with one’s own principles and beliefs.

Charlotte places great importance on civil liberties and human rights, and is dedicated to safeguarding these rights not only for herself, but also for others. As an individual who values independent thought, she is not afraid to question the status quo and challenge authority when she deems it necessary. In addition, she advocates for limited government and free markets, which she views as vital components for promoting economic prosperity and personal freedom. While she firmly believes in the principles of personal responsibility and self-reliance, she also recognizes the importance of social responsibility and endeavors to promote these values both in her personal and professional life.

Her professional experience encompasses owning and operating a restaurant in Southern Manitoba, as well as working in the agricultural industry, shipping seeds globally.

During her leisure time, she dedicates herself to volunteering at church and maximizing the time spent with her loved ones, including family and friends.