We are a Canadian legal organization and federally registered charity that defends the constitutional freedoms of Canadians, through pro bono legal representation and by educating Canadians about the free society.

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Aug 18th, 2022

Crown drops charges against seven Freedom Convoy protestors

Aug 18th, 2022

Over 14,000 pages of Evidence Filed in lawsuit against Federal Travel Vaccine Ban

Aug 11th, 2022

Peace Man from Ottawa protest represented by Justice Centre against mischief charges


From Nanaimo to Newfoundland, the Justice Centre has been in court defending freedom. Read about our cases.

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Have your fundamental freedoms or Charter rights been violated by government or a government-funded institution? Submit your case to the Justice Centre for review by our legal team.

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We are funded by voluntary donations, with no funding from government and provide free legal representation to protect the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians.

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Welcome To The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

The Justice Centre is uniquely positioned to help Canadians who have faced shocking and stressful intrusions on their freedom. Our experienced in-house legal team provides legal advice and representation to clients without charge.

 Freedom of Religion and Conscience

Freedom of Expression and Opinion

Freedom of Thought and Belief

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

Freedom of Association

Equality Before and Under the Law

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