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No Taxpayer Funding For Universities That Censor

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UBC commended for allowing Jenn Smith presentation but warned that security fees illegally undermine free speech on campus

The Justice Centre has written to University of British Columbia (UBC) president Santa J. Ono, commending the University for its decision to permit activist Jenn Smith to give a public lecture at UBC’s Vancouver campus on Sunday, June 23, 2019.  However, UBC insisted on charging the organizer a “security fee.” The Justice Centre has warned UBC to refrain from charging “security fees” at University-sanctioned events, a censorship tactic becoming increasingly common at Canada’s public universities. In early June 2019, a grassroots ...
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Justice Centre representing three more BC aestheticians facing Human Rights complaints over refusal to perform waxing service

The Justice Centre is representing two British Columbian aestheticians in hearings this week, and one later in July, at the BC Human Rights Tribunal. The three aestheticians face complaints for declining to perform waxing services for a trans-identifying individual who possesses male genitalia. The first complaint hearing against Blue Heaven Beauty Lounge and its owner, Sandeep Banipal, proceeds on July 4, 2019. Banipal and her husband are adherents to the Sikh religion. Ms. Banipal is not trained to wax male ...
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Simcoe Muskoka Child Services sued for rejecting foster parents based on religion

A northern Ontario couple has filed a court application against Simcoe Muskoka Child, Youth and Family Services (“Child Services”) over its decision to reject their application to become foster parents. In November 2017, the couple “A.A.” and “B.A.,” who have three biological children of their own and for their sakes wish to remain anonymous, applied to become foster parents.  They started the required training in January 2018 and completed it successfully in March, after which a Child Services social worker interviewed the ...
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Justice Centre warns federal government not to use “online hate” report to police legitimate expression

The Justice Centre today responded to the report released by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights concluding its study into “online hate” in Canada. The Standing Committee opened this study following the Christchurch shootings in New Zealand that killed 51 people. When testifying before this Standing Committee on May 16, 2019, Justice Centre Litigation Manager Jay Cameron challenged Members of Parliament to define online “hate.” In its report the Standing Committee recommended that the Government of Canada “formulate a definition ...
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Court rebukes City of Prince Albert over its refusal to permit a pro-life flag on guest flagpole

The Justice Centre is pleased with the decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench, which has rebuked the City of Prince Albert for its decision to refuse the application of a pro-life charitable organization to fly its promotional flag on the City’s courtesy flagpole. PARLA is a non-profit organization, comprised of Prince Albert and area residents, which seeks to promote the sanctity of life through prayer, education, and community work.  PARLA’s work includes hosting Pro-Life events such as “Celebrate Life ...
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The focus of the Justice Centre’s activities are as follows:

Individual Freedom: The Fundamental Freedoms afforded to each and every Canadian by section two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Charter).  These freedoms are paramount and embody the very values comprising our democratic society.  They are:
Freedom of Religion and Conscience: The freedom of each and every individual or community, in public or private, to peacefully express their distinct religious beliefs through worship, observance, practice and teaching without censorship or limitation.  This includes the freedom to change your religion or to not follow any religion.  This also includes the freedom of each and every Canadian to hold or consider a fact, value, viewpoint or other thought independent from other individuals.

Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression: The freedom to seek out an understanding of and peacefully express your thoughts, opinions and beliefs without censorship or limitation.  This includes freedom of the press and other media of communication.  Freedom of expression is the keystone of our democratic society.

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly: The freedom to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.

Freedom of Association: The freedom to choose to live in a community, be part of an organization or associate with any individual based on your values, culture and other personal preferences.

Equality before the law: Section 15 of the Charter enumerates the human right held by each and every Canadian to be treated equally before and under the law, and to be afforded equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination based on race, ancestry, ethnicity, age, gender or other such personal characteristics.  This right holds each and every Canadian subject to the same laws, and ensures that no individual or group shall receive special legal privileges.