Canadian press freedom is under threat by Trudeau government

John Carpay – The Post Millennial

A reporter known for his anti-government views is barred from joining other journalists to ask questions of the country’s leader at a news conference. Failing to leave the premises immediately, and having refused to turn over his photographs to the government’s guards, he is physically and forcibly removed from the grounds. Meanwhile, journalists who are sympathetic to the government are allowed to attend the press conference and ask questions of the government’s leader.

When and where did the above take place?

In Pinochet’s Chile? Mussolini’s Italy? Hong Kong in recent weeks or months? Franco’s Spain? Iran under the mullahs? Iran under the Shah?

Try Canada on May 27, 2020.

A well-known Canadian journalist was denied access to Mr. Trudeau’s “open coverage” daily press briefing at Rideau Cottage. Despite conducting himself peacefully, Keean Bexte of Rebel News was then manhandled by security and physically removed from the grounds, after other journalists were permitted an opportunity to ask our Prime Minister questions about his government and its policies.

RCMP grabbed Rebel reporter just before Trudeau’s press conference. Watch here