Court hears challenges to student union censorship January 24

Staff lawyer Marty Moore will be at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto on Wednesday January 24.  The Justice Centre is representing three different student groups, at three different universities.  Each student group is challenging the decisions of the student unions to deny the student groups club status.  In each case, the student group was discriminated against because of the group’s beliefs and opinions.

The Justice Centre’s clients include the Ryerson’s Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS), a student group that was denied club recognition by the Ryerson Students’ Union, a campus pro-life club at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and a pro-life club at the Ontario University Institute of Technology and Durham College.

In each of these three court applications, the students seek a declaration that the decision to deny their club permission to operate on campus was unreasonable, and a violation of the students’ freedom of expression and freedom of association.