Students for Life v. University of Lethbridge

In response to a display on campus set up by the University of Lethbridge Students for Life in October 2013, the University’s president, Dr. Mike Mahon, threatened that future displays would be censored by relegating them to out-of-the-way places.  On November 28, 2013, the JCCF wrote to Dr. Mahon explaining that it is illegal for universities to single out controversial or unpopular expression.  All campus clubs are legally entitled to the same opportunity to communicate their opinions to other students.  All student clubs have the same right to use prominent, well-travelled spaces on campus, without discrimination based on the content of the club’s opinions.  The six-page letter to Dr. Mahon is posted here and includes a summary of the facts and legal issues.  As a result, the University of Lethbridge changed its approach towards respecting and upholding campus free speech rights for its students.

This matter was resolved without court action becoming necessary.