Trent Lifeline v Trent Central Students Association

In January of 2013, the Trent Central Students Association (“TCSA”) refused to register Trent Lifeline as a campus club.  TCSA stated:

“campaigning for pro life [sic] or pro choice [sic] is not allowed on campus as well [sic] since there is so many opinions [sic] to this it can lead to a very exclusive group, while all the clubs at Trent University must be inclusive.  On campus we are not allow [sic] to have groups that take away rights or opinions of other people.  I cannot send you a policy right now as there is one working under way.”

Trent Lifeline contacted the JCCF for assistance.  After months of meetings and correspondence, including clear warnings to the TCSA from the JCCF that its actions were illegal, Trent Lifeline received its club status in December 2013, and can now operate on campus.

This matter was resolved without court action becoming necessary.