High School

Enhance your understanding of Charter rights and freedoms with our developing high school courses.

It is crucial for Canadian students to know their rights and freedoms. The Justice Centre is thrilled to partner with parents and educators to educate students on human dignity, fundamental rights and freedoms, and Canadian political institutions that safeguard these.

Our curriculum not only educates students about these important democratic principles, but also explains their vital importance, and fosters critical thinking and discussion around them. This Curriculum will equip the next generation of Canadians to value the Charter as a landmark in Canada’s ongoing pursuit of freedom and empower them to productively participate in this critical endeavor.

Although still under development, the course is already making significant impact, with the first module being available and receiving positive feedback from educators and students alike. This module explores the nature and value of freedom of expression. The upcoming module on freedom of religion is set to be released in May.

Like last year, the Justice Centre will exhibit this curriculum at the Alberta Home Education Association (AHEA) this year, where we will showcase both modules. Come join us for a conversation on empowering your students with a deeper understanding of their rights.

In the meantime, consider previewing the course and purchasing a copy for your student.

Our Courses

  • Exploring Freedom of Expression
  • Exploring Freedom Conscience and Religion 


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