I have cerebral palsy and this feels like prison

My name is Lee and I am a resident of a long term care home run by the City of Toronto and I have been residing here for 10 years.  I have Cerebral Palsy and during this lock down the facility has been in outbreak where 41 residents have died.

The room that I am in I share with another person that was COVID-19 positive and there was only a curtain to separate us and my father had to advocate to have my roommate removed from the room since I was COVID-19 negative.

Currently I have been only allowed to be outside once since the lock down and other residences on the first floor and second floor have been allowed outside numerous times. I reside on the 5th floor and the administrator provides the excuse of Public Health & Ministry policies as the reason why I am not able to go outside.

This feels like prison and my mental health is greatly being impacted. There are residents on my floor that are able to go outside and roam the floor while I can not. This is unfair and impacting me greatly.

Please help.

Lee B.