My biggest fear is my husband will die before the lockdown is lifted

My biggest fear is my husband will die before the lockdown is lifted


I am the caregiver/advocate for my husband, who is in long term care. Fortunately, he’s in a very good facility. They do an excellent job, especially during this lock down, however, as with most residents, the isolation is taking its toll on my husband. No matter how good the care is, he is missing me. I am his friend, lover, his person. His condition is fragile. He was transferred from hospital to the LTC facility alone … in a taxi. I can’t tell you how upset I was.

When reminded, he sort of understands the quarantine, the separation but he has been declining everyday. The video chats help me but he is declining never the less. Every day there’s less engagement, fewer smiles and hes sleeping more and more. Sometimes he can’t even wake up for me … and now … he’s having trouble taking a life-saving medication because he’s having trouble swallowing.

My biggest fear is that he will die before this lockdown is lifted, he does not deserve this, I don’t deserve this. There needs to be a way to spend even 1 hour a week with him.

Our community of St. Thomas more than flattened the curve. We obeyed all the rules and there are no cases of COVID-19 here but we are tied to Toronto area for some inexplicable reason. Why do we, who have no COVID, have to live in a lock down because Toronto area still has it.

Please don’t lump us all into the same COVID pot. Please make your decisions based on each regional situation not the Toronto situation. Toronto is actually not the norm for the province.

Since our particular community no longer has any COVID, then with much care (masks, hand-washing, social distancing, etc), there could be a way to see our loved ones.

Jane L.

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