My father needs fresh air and sunshine

Since being isolated for over 3 months in his LTC room, my father now forgets.

Before the lockdown we had inspiring, flowing, lively conversations. He talked about history, traveling, gardening, current events, past events.

Now he phones calls me, I hear the loneliness and boredom in his voice. He asks a question, I give a reply, and a few minutes later, he forgets what I said.

It seemed promising to help restore his memory, when the LTC home had balcony visits. They were only 15-20 minutes, but were a few times a week. He received greatly needed fresh air and sunshine, vital connection with family, at ground level. That arrangement lasted less than two weeks.

The first time I saw him, after 10 weeks of isolation he looked older, pale, sad, and had unnecessary weight loss. His health was improving from those outside visits.Then without explanation, the home abruptly stopped balcony visits. After many messages, phone calls, we discovered it was the home said they were too overwhelmed to schedule some visits. This is unacceptable. The outdoors visits are vital to his health.

Now his LTC has the highly restricted once a week visits commencing. It is not enough.

As the primary family caregiver we need freedom to take them out frequently. To enjoy the long awaited summer. Otherwise these residents will just wither away. It is totally unnecessary to have endless restrictions at a home that is covid free for over 6 weeks, and where everyone has negative test status. Including myself. As one of many requirements, the outside visitor must be covid free.

You must Release the Residents !

Sandie B.