My mom has had no fresh air since March 1

My Mom is in a long term care home near Toronto. She is 64 with moderate Alzheimer’s and moved into her LTC earlier this year. So far, it seems she is in a good home. They haven’t had a lot of cases and locked down early March.

At the beginning I was glad her home was taking this seriously but now I’m starting to worry about the long term effects of no social interactions for these residents. My Mom understands why her home is on lockdown. At the start, she was doing well. But lately, she is more and more depressed. She is angry that people can go shopping in stores like Homesense and that people can go to parks, etc.

Meanwhile, Mom has not had fresh air since March 1st. She hasn’t felt the sun on her face. She has been eating alone since March. I find her memory is worse and she seems more confused. Her anxiety is high and she cries because she misses her kids. She lays in bed ALL day.

I worry about her physical health without being able to have her exercise activities or walking outside. The home introduced one activity per day a few weeks ago… a good effort but it’s not enough.

I don’t understand why the residents can’t even go outside? Or have at least one visitor?

Surely with the “smarts” of the government they can figure out a plan like other countries have. In my opinion, health units should come up with a plan to make long term care homes safe for family visitation. Example, 1 visitor per resident starting 1 time a week only. It’s better than nothing. The person must be screened via telephone prior to visit. They can be given a mask at entry and hand sanitizer to clean hands. Set up a room for visits. Or allow outdoor visits…’s not fair that people can go out and do whatever whole our residents suffer silently.

I am so worried about my Mom’s mental health if this goes on another two months!!! I am also worried some homes are going to drag this out for months unless the government says let people in. My Mom calls me multiple times a day on weekends because she is SO lonely.

Laura R.