Covid Vaccines Do not Stop Covid Spread: An analysis of current data

Any policy that segregates populations by means of mandatory vaccination policies requires at a minimum that those vaccines are effective in removing the risk of transmission.

Unfortunately, and contrary to government-led narratives and media coverage in both Canada and the U.S., the evidence strongly suggests vaccinations do not stop the spread of Covid – not the original strains, and not the later Delta and Omicron variants. Indeed, when pressed by competent journalists, policy makers frequently concede that vaccines are intended only to reduce the severity of illness, not to prevent its spread.

In the report, ‘Covid Vaccines Do Not Stop Covid Spread’: An analysis of current data, we review:

  • The government-led narrative
  • What authoritative health agencies say about the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing spread
  • Real-world spread in heavily vaccinated communities

We conclude that whatever value vaccines may have in reducing hospitalization and mortality, they do not ‘work’ with the thoroughness government leaders claim,1 and certainly not to the degree that mandatory enforcement or vaccine passports could ever be justified in Canada as a reasonable limitation upon individual rights to bodily autonomy and Charter freedoms.

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