Reflecting on Freedom of Expression in Canada

In this Short Reflection, the Justice Centre considers institutional, legal, and social pressures on the enjoyment of freedom of expression in Canada. On Canadian campuses, powerful actors appear to be silencing “controversial” perspectives and creating conditions that undermine the possibility of genuine inquiry. Meanwhile, Canadian elected and unelected officials are passing laws that would grant authorities extraordinary powers to regulate and censor online content and broadcasting. And, across Canada and the world, a culture of dialogue and disagreement has been replaced by a culture of cancelling and intolerance. In certain cases, this culture is being reinforced by the Canadian legal system.

Everyone can spare ten minutes to think about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In these easy-to-read and exploratory reflections, the Justice Centre investigates how legal and social developments are impacting your ability to exercise your rights and freedoms in Canada. Spend some time with the Justice Centre, thinking about our country and where it is going.

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