Reactions to the Carleton free speech wall vandalism

The shameful actions of seventh-year human rights student Arun Smith, who vandalized and removed the free speech wall at CarletonUniversity, deserve swift and corrective action from both the University and the Student Union.  In this case, both the University and student union took immediate and measured action to show members of the university community that they will not allow such blatant and ignorant attempts at censorship by others.

The Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) approved a motion in support of any disciplinary action taken against Arun Smith for vandalizing the Carleton free speech wall, and called for Smith to resign from the Carleton Academic Student Government (CASG) where he was a human rights representative.

The University’s Student Affairs office fined Smith and ordered him to issue a formal apology to Carleton Students for Liberty and refrain from holding any leadership posts in student-led organizations for one year.  Smith has refused to issue an apology and is currently appealing the decision.

The leadership role taken by CUSA, as well as the University, to stand up for free speech is commendable.  Taken with other recent changes to speech codes at CUSA, Carleton may be poised to leave its disappointing past of censorship behind it!