Thanks to COVID, my husband sits in a wheelchair 10 hours a day

I have been desperate to see my husband who suffers from a rare form of dementia and is in a care facility in Burlington Ontario. Prior to the lockdown he walked, attended a Day Program a couple of times a week, we went for drives, coffees, went to friends for visits and more.  He was active and I was there multiple times per day.  I aided in his care, took him to doctors appointments, foot care, haircuts, watched tv, etc.

Today he sits in a wheelchair 10 hours a day, mostly in his room or in a communal dining room.  The staff try to spend 20 minutes per day with residents for ‘Life Enrichment’.  We recently were allowed window visits and FaceTime chats which were welcomed.  Many of the staff that we knew are gone, having to choose one facility.  I believe they are understaffed and overwhelmed.  I have offered to take a COVID test, volunteered to help, asked to be hired on, anything to get in and am met with a NO, due to Public Health policy.

These facilities need to allow families the decency to care for their families, especially those that were extremely actively engaged prior to COVID.

Derryl C.