Vaccines carry risk each Canadian must assess personally

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It isn’t only Covid and lockowns that harm Canadians. As it turns out, it is also vaccines intended to protect against Covid. According to federal agencies,1 7,408 adverse post-vaccination reactions had been reported up to June 11, with 1,565 classified as ‘serious adverse events.’2 109 Canadians have died after receiving an anti-Covid vaccine. These are only reported numbers, and it is believed many more adverse events go unreported.

Added to the uncounted number of those Canadians who have been harmed by the unintended consequences of their governments’ lockdown policies these past 15 months are those individuals who have been harmed by the unintended consequences of government vaccination programs.

The Public Health Agency of Canada argues that at 5.6 serious adverse reactions for every 100,000 shots administered, the benefits of ‘vaccines authorized in Canada’ continue to outweigh the risks.

That however is a personal judgment that every citizen must make for themselves. In doing so, they should understand that it is upon younger Canadians that the burden of vaccine adverse outcomes falls, not their parents (who continue to bear the heavier burden of the virus itself.)

The average age of death with Covid in Canada continues to be nearly 84 years.3 People 59 years of age and under represent just 5.5% of Canada’s Covid deaths, (1,415 out of 25,783 deaths to 11 June, 2021.4), making Covid less dangerous than driving a car, for this age group.

But at 4,248 out of 7,408, the same <59 age cohort represents a whopping 57% of the reported adverse vaccine reactions to 4 June, 2021.

It is egregious. First, we deny younger people natural immunity through lockdowns, even though they are quite capable of throwing off a Covid infection like a common flu. Then we tell them their mere presence can kill their grandmother. Finally, by encouraging them to be vaccinated against a disease that will do them little harm, we transfer our risk onto them with vaccines that appear to adversely affect them at rates and potential severity that would normally be considered unacceptable.

The adverse vaccine-reaction numbers are not large, and not all are serious.

But for the person so afflicted and those around them who find their quality of life permanently affected, these are substantial risks. When a healthy person who didn’t need to die, dies because they bowed to official blandishments to get vaccinated, it is a tragedy.

And it has to count as one more harm caused by government, not by Covid.


1 The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS) and Health Canada’s Canada Vigilance program.