Ben Klassen

Benjamin Klassen graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2023. Inspired by his extensive international experiences growing up in Central American and volunteering overseas, his studies took special interest in the factors contributing to unjust political systems. This led him to investigate and compare corruption and injustices across different political systems and explore the proper role of the state, in his research. Throughout his studies, he actively participated in student politics and held political internships with notable politicians, including MP Rachael Thomas in 2021 and Hon. Andrew Scheer in 2022.

With a lifelong dedication to justice, Benjamin now applies this passion to his professional work at the Justice Centre in policy analysis, research and writing, and educating the Public about the value of individual rights and freedoms. He is committed to leveraging his passion and expertise to contribute to a brighter future of Canda.

In his down time, Benjamin enjoys hiking in the Albertan rockies, reading biographies, absorbing documentaries, and strumming some good-ole tunes on his mandolin.