Current News Releases

Apr 9th, 2021

Federal Bill to adopt UNDRIP is useless, dangerous, and divisive

Dec 27th, 2017

Court application filed against Battle River School Division No. 31 over censorship of the Bible and closure of Cornerstone Christian Academy

Dec 20th, 2017

Court hears “Easter Bunny” foster home closure case Wednesday December 20

Dec 13th, 2017

Judicial Freedom Index: Chief Justice McLachlin defended Charter freedoms better than most judges

Dec 7th, 2017

Justice Centre to Intervene in Free Speech and Gender Identity Human Rights Case

Dec 5th, 2017

RELEASE: UBC Vancouver student union warned to instate club status for men’s issues group

Nov 14th, 2017

RELEASE: Parents and schools to launch court challenge to constitutionality of Alberta’s Bill 24