Nurse who protested vaccine-passports: College of Registered Nurses Saskatchewan v. McInnes

In September of 2021, Leah McInnes, a registered nurse in the province of Saskatchewan, had participated in a peaceful assembly expressing concerns regarding existing and anticipated government mandates and anticipated vaccine-passports.

Throughout late August and early October 2021, Ms. McInnes expressed her opposition on social media to government mandates and vaccine-passports, while championing informed consent, freedom of choice without coercion, privacy of medical information and shared some information surrounding Covid-19 vaccines, without opposing vaccines per se.

After an investigation, the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS) proposed that Ms. McInnes enter into an agreement, which would result in her admission to professional misconduct for such activities, which she declined.

In March 28, 2023, the CRNS filed a Notice of Hearing formally charging Ms. McInnes for her activities alleging that her conduct amounts to professional misconduct pursuant to section 26(2)(l) and (q) of The Registered Nurses Act, 1988.

Upon supplying further particulars, the CRNS in large part appears to allege that Ms. McInnes’ conduct amounts to professional misconduct, because her expression amounts to “misinformation”, “disinformation” or “misleading” information and in some instances, is allegedly a misuse of her position of power.

The CRNS has obtained an expert opinion and Ms. McInnes is submitting two expert opinions in support of her expression.  A virtual hearing open to the public is scheduled for October 10-13, 2023. A link to the virtual hearing will be published when available.

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