SFU Lifelink v. Simon Fraser University

SFU Lifelink v. Simon Fraser University

In early February, 2013, the Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus club Life Link booked space for an educational display, securing designated space on campus several weeks prior to the event.  Shortly before the scheduled event, SFU cancelled Life Link’s scheduled event, citing complaints about the display’s controversial content.  Copying the University of Calgary, SFU administrators said it might be “necessary” to set up the display with signs facing inwards, such that nobody walking by would be able to see the display.  The Justice Centre promptly sent a legal warning letter to SFU President Andrew Petter, warning SFU to uphold its reputation as a safe haven for free speech.  The club’s event was re-scheduled for April 10 and 11, and took place without any censorship on the part of SFU.

This matter was resolved without court action becoming necessary.

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