Defending freedom abroad, but surrendering to tyranny at home

By John Carpay, The Interim

This past Remembrance Day, I thought of my grandparents and all the others who fought for freedom against foreign dictatorships: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, fascist Italy, and communist forces in Korea and Vietnam.

While successfully defending freedom abroad, Canadians have now surrendered to living under a medical dictatorship on our own soil.

Starting in March of 2020, we were prohibited from enjoying life and creating precious memories by meeting in person with friends and family. We could not gather for worship, or even to sing. We were denied the right to hold the hand of a dying parent, grandparent, aunt, and uncle. We were prohibited from attending their funerals, not by some ruthless invader, but by our own rulers. No foreign occupying power shredded the fabric of Canada’s civil society; our own governments did so.

Some restrictions have been lifted, only to be replaced by unscientific discrimination against the unpopular minority of Canadians who decline to take the experimental mRNA vaccine. I say “experimental” because, unlike other vaccines which took years to develop, these vaccines were rushed through development over the course of mere months. There is no long-term safety data on these novel injections.

Mariana Costa is two semesters away from finishing her Fashion Arts program. Crystal Love is studying to become a Veterinary Technician. Seneca College is forcing both students to receive a Covid shot that is not backed with long-term safety data, or else throw away their years of education, their careers, and their future livelihoods. This vicious discrimination will leave both students saddled with repaying student loans, all while lacking the means to earn money.

For having the “wrong” vaccine status, family members across Canada are now prohibited from seeing their loved ones in nursing homes. Employees who work from home have been told: “get the jab or lose your job.” Public facilities ban parents from entering to help their very young children change into their ballet, soccer, and hockey clothing. Many adults and teenagers are barred from participating in team sports, or even going to the gym. I predict, and hope to be proven wrong, that governments will soon require houses of worship to deny entry to the unvaccinated.

All these coercive public health measures could potentially be justified, but only if two things were true. First, Covid would need to be an unusually deadly killer, like the bubonic plague of medieval times, or like the Spanish Flu of 1918. Second, the Covid vaccines would need to be proven effective at preventing the spread of the virus. Neither of these conditions has been met.

We were told in March of 2020 that Covid would be like the Spanish Flu, which killed tens of millions around the world. Despite government data and statistics proving this fearmongering prediction objectively false, we remain in a permanent state of emergency. Unlike our war against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, where success could be measured by how much enemy-occupied territory we reclaimed, today’s permanent “emergency” is determined arbitrarily by politicians, who alone will decide when the “emergency” has ceased.

It is clear from the examples of Israel, Iceland, and other countries that high vaccination rates do not stop virus spread. Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries on earth, yet has large numbers of Covid cases. Most Israelis have already received three shots, without which their vaccine passports are not valid. Israel’s coronavirus czar, Salman Zarka, calls on Israelis to prepare for a fourth vaccine dose.

Harvard and Cornell Universities, despite having vaccination rates of 95% or above, have had more Covid infections at the start of this 2021-22 academic year than in the previous year.

Mandatory vaccination policies ignore natural immunity, which is stronger than vaccine-induced immunity, and lasts longer. An Israeli study with over 700,000 participants found that “fully vaccinated” persons had anywhere from 6 to 13 times as much risk of infections and hospitalization compared to unvaccinated people who had recovered from Covid and had natural immunity.

Discrimination against those who won’t take the experimental mRNA vaccine is not grounded in science. But our medical dictators don’t care much about science, and seek to make life nearly impossible for this minority group of holdouts. There is no justification for these cruel and vicious policies. Our forefathers fought and died to keep Canada a free society. Lest we forget, legal discrimination against an unpopular minority never ends well.