Excessive quarantine restrictions are elder abuse

Excessive quarantine restrictions are elder abuse

I live in a retirement centre, not a nursing home!  It’s supposed to be independent living!  The Ontario government has isolated us with these excessive quarantine restrictions!  It’s elder abuse!

Please take up the cause for us with class action suits or whatever!  There must be something that can be done!  They neglected nursing homes for years and now all of a sudden it’s oh, we must protect our seniors!  We live in a very nice retirement centre but the government regulations are over the top!

The lockdown includes not being able to have family visits, loss of freedom like going out to a dentist or doctor if needs be without being fully isolated to our rooms for 14 day, meals in our rooms, the usual things in a lockdown!  We can go for walks, however, on the property with the 6 feet rule!

The mental anxiety for many is very evident!

Della M.

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