Harm is being done to the young and disabled as well


My Son is resident at a Long-Term Care (LTC) facility in Ontario since Oct 2019. Things went well until Covid19 crossed paths with a young, egocentric and in my opinion unqualified but certainly inexperienced Administrator.

I am sure you are well familiar with the many issues that COVID-19 has caused for the aged. I can assure you that harm is being done to the young and disabled as well, all in the name of COVID-19.

I understand that you are gathering stories regarding injustices in LTC. I sent a note to the Honourable Fullerton, Minister of LTC for Ontario today. The issues of the aged can be significant but the impacts on young disabled persons can be just as profound and are being mostly ignored.  Most young folks in LTC have special needs different from the aged.  My Son has particular needs for LTC, as a disabled person with secondary progressive MS. His condition requires cool temperatures to be maintained which is certainly not the case in most homes for the elderly.

Despite the medical requirement specified by a neurologist, and his doctor, I had to get a prescription for air conditioning from the Neurologist and ask the Chief Medical Officer of Health to confirm to Administration that  air conditioning  window units do not present a COVID-19 risk. The doctors were still overruled by the chief Administrator, while his chosen, so called, ‘in-house medical expert’ performed ‘more study’.

At one point even my son’s bedside fan was taken away without consultation. He was berated and verbally abused for breaking the rules by being in possession of a necessary fan that has been by his bedside for over six months.  Rules which had never been communicated as to their existence. This causing more stress for my son and ultimately resulting in a severe MS attack.

I could go on, but the Administration’s refusal to address the abuse, to meet the requirements of the LTC Homes Act to ensure it is not repeated, and what seems deliberate retribution has resulted in more harm. I have written to the minister as we fear for his health and safety. There is obviously much more to the story. This the short form. I have over 35 pages of documentation that I have offered to share with LTC Investigations when/if  they provide a means to communicate in writing.

Thank you for your interest and advocacy on behalf of those needing help.