My 101 year old mom is blind and frail, and has been in lock down since March 12, 2020

My 101-year-old Mom, who is blind and weighs about 70 pounds, is in a nursing home in Leduc AB. The home considers itself a charitable organization so it is not a private home.

I have been banned from visitation to the home since March 12th, 2020. Restrictions have been in place for all families of residents. The only way I can visit is outside with distancing of 2 meters from each other. My Mom is unable to go outside in the cold windy spring weather and would not be able to see or hear me under these restrictions.

I would not be a danger to my Mom’s health or any other resident in the home. I am willing to wear the protective gear, have my temperature taken, and fill out the questionnaire, just like the staff. Neither I nor my husband have been, or are presently sick.  I am probably more isolated than some of the staff members that have families.

There is a family room that could be made available for visitation. There only needs to be room for a chair and a wheelchair. This room can be accessed by two outside doors in the recreation area to reduce the exposure to any residents.

Mom does have a bedsore on her back and is now restricted to bed after her meals. I am terribly saddened and heartbroken that I am unable to see Mom. I am sure Mom feels abandoned and forsaken as well.

These nursing homes need to consider the distress and hardship this restriction has caused for so long and let us visit our families again. This mental and emotional pain will cause damage to many more if such strict restrictions are left in place.

Jeane E