My 87-year old sister is depressed and extremely lonely

My 87-year old sister is depressed and extremely lonely

My 87-year old sister was in hospital for 1 week and released on Thursday, June 11, to return to the seniors’ lodge where she lives.

While in hospital she was quarantined and was tested for Covid-19, and the test came back negative. She does not have the virus. Despite this, she’s now back at the Lodge and they have her in isolation. According to the Alberta Health Care policy, she is in quarantine for the next 14-days.

She’s been calling me, her sister and other family members multiple times crying. Each time we speak with her she is very depressed and extremely lonely. She said, “All I want is my family to visit me.”

It breaks our heart that she is not allowed to have family members come. My sister is a very upbeat person and to hear her speak this way is completely out of character. She was a local Alberta school teacher for 35-years and retired with many accolades. Her life was one of dedication and sacrifice for others. She loves people!

We are asking and pleading that she be granted an exception to this rule for mental and physical health reasons. We can’t bear to see her so sad. She needs to be allowed to see other people in the lodge where she lives!

We’ve contacted several government officials with the exception of Deena Hinshaw who cannot be reached.

Herb S.

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