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NB v. Ottawa Carleton District School Board – a claim for discrimination on the basis of gender identity

Free Speech Club v. UBC – a claim for cancellation of a planned guest speaker on campus

Servatius v. School District 70 (Alberni) – challenge to public school’s mandatory smudging of children

AMLA et al v. City of Edmonton – defending freedom of expression in lighting of bridge

Gillies v. Bluewater District School Board – defending freedom of expression at school boards public meetings

Cyrynowski v. Danielle – mother of three facing Human Rights Complaint for asking potential babysitter if he had children of his own

AB v. CD – intervention to defend parental rights to refuse consent to hormone treatment

Yaniv v. Various Waxing Salons – defending women against government compulsion of intimate services

PARLA v. Prince Albert – challenge to City’s decision to ban flag from courtesy flag pole

BCM International v. Canada –  challenging discrimination in the 2019 Canada Summer Jobs program

Spot Ads et al v. Municipal District of Foothills – challenging municipal ban on certain billboard signs

A.A. v. Simcoe Muskoka Child Services – challenging discriminatory denial of foster parents’ application

Grace Chapel v. New Westminster – challenging city decision to challenge rental for church youth event

Weld v. Ottawa Public Library – challenging libraries decision to cancel booking to show a film

Grabher v. Nova Scotia – challenging revocation of “GRABHER” license plate

UAlberta Pro-Life v. University of Alberta – challenge to imposition of security fee on peaceful display