Our parents should not have to die alone!


Will we ever be able to hug our mom or dad again?

I just read the Stage 3 framework for reopening the Province of Ontario, and there is no hope for our parents in their retirement homes.It says: Stage 3, Maintaining protections for vulnerable populations and the continued practice of physical distancing. I guess we will NEVER be able to hug our mom or dad again in retirement homes, since physical distancing means we have to stay six feet away.

That is torture. How do they think our parents will feel when we cannot hug them or kiss them EVER AGAIN!? And yet, the fear of the virus getting into a home and killing everyone is all that they think about. The elderly have no rights anymore and neither do their sons or daughters.

Nobody cares. Our parents will have to die alone. No hope, none, and the public is behind them, the ones who really don’t care anyway. Don’t you dare go into a retirement home and hug your mother because you will kill her. Even though you may have tested negative for the virus and even though you wear a mask and wash your hands. Even though staff do the same and hug our parents and dress them etc. This is INSANE.

If family members were tested , and the test came back negative, they wore a mask, put hand sanitizer on their hands, and were allowed in to help take care of their parents, hundreds of lives would have been saved. Instead we let the government get away with this injustice. Now, we are allowed to visit (only once a week!) but have to stay 6 ft away and can’t hold our parents hands, hug them or kiss them. Staff can, but not sons or daughters. WHY? There is no excuse!

So how do we explain this to our Mom or Dad ? I would guess they will recommend don’t even mention it. Problem is for those who can still think okay, it is like we deserted them. And we can’t do anything thanks to the provincial health experts.

Come autumn or winter I fear they will shut down everything again, and our parents will have to die alone. For the majority of us whose parents are in their 90’s, or who are not well, if this continues, our parents will end up dying alone. You might be allowed in to see them in person if they are on their death bed (essential visitor), but what kind of hope or compassion is that ?

How many hundreds of homes in Ontario alone have had no outbreaks? Yet our elderly are held hostage like they are in a prison camp. The politicians are great talkers and they have everyone brainwashed about the risks to the elderly. They won’t talk about elder abuse, mental problems, and torture. It’s like our parents are in a concentration camp in WWII.

How is it okay to protest on the streets in the tens of thousands but have our loved ones in lockdown and isolation.

How long will we as loved ones be bullied by the government ?

Ken B.