Parental Choice in Education

The greatest strength of Alberta’s education system is its commitment to authentic diversity and maximum choice for parents. That strength is now under vociferous attack. For this reason, JCCF has released a paper defending Alberta’s school system:

“Christian schools in Alberta are facing hostility and criticism over their statements of faith, their codes of conduct, and their moral expectations of staff and students, particularly those pertaining to sexual behaviour. Some have called for an end to government funding of Christian schools unless these schools agree to modify or repudiate their codes of conduct As a solution in search of a problem, this hostility has been expressed, to varying degrees, by all four parties represented in the Alberta Legislature.

This hostility towards these Christian schools is not supported in law, and is based on a misunderstanding of secularism. Correctly understood, secularism provides for diversity in belief and conduct. Secularism does not require all individuals to adhere to only one belief system, or to try to void themselves of any and all belief.”

Read JCCF’s Parental Choice in Education: Alberta’s laws protect diversity and religious freedom