Peace Man from Ottawa protest represented by Justice Centre against mischief charges

OTTAWA:  The Justice Centre has taken the case of Dana-Lee Melfi, popularly known as “Peace Man” during the Ottawa freedom convoy.  Mr. Melfi was arrested on Saturday, February 19, 2022, in Ottawa during a peaceful protest, on various mischief related charges, including mischief, mischief to property, disobeying a lawful order, and obstructing justice.

Mr. Melfi maintains his innocence and states that the right of peaceful protest is fundamental to a healthy democracy.

Mr. Melfi has worked for government in various positions and stations, including within the Department of National Defence, in various Government buildings in Ottawa, on Parliament Hill, and in the Canadian War Museum. He attended the Ottawa protests wearing two cameras on his head and carrying a large Canadian flag. Mr. Melfi, who is ill with chronic conditions, personally protested many hours each day, enduring pain, standing still near Parliament Hill holding his flag in a peaceful stance.

Mr. Melfi did not have a vehicle at the protest and did not block any roads. He simply stood with his flag. Mr. Melfi states he was exercising his right to peaceful protest. Mr. Melfi however, may have come to the attention of the authorities, particularly after giving interviews to the Canadian Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Epoch Times and many independent media, which went viral around the world.

Ottawa lawyer Monick Grenier, on behalf of the Justice Centre, represents Mr. Melfi and will argue that there were no reasonable grounds to arrest Mr. Melfi, that he was arbitrarily detained, and subject to unreasonable search by police officers.

Mr. Melfi’s next court date is August 18, 2022.