The Unjustified Persistence of Lockdowns: A Charter Analysis of Saskatchewan’s lockdown measures

The Justice Centre has released a comprehensive Charter analysis of the Saskatchewan Government’s lockdown measures, which violate the Charter freedoms of citizens to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship, all while crippling society and the economy.

Entitled “The Unjustified Persistence of Lockdowns,” this Charter analysis of Saskatchewan’s response to COVID-19 addresses:

  • how the Government’s lockdown measures violate Charter freedoms;
  • why the Government has failed to justify these violations as required by the Charter;
  • the economic harm and negative impact on health care, caused by lockdown measures;
  • the inaccurate and unjustified modelling documents released by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The Unjustified Persistence of Lockdowns” explains why and how the Saskatchewan Government has not met its constitutional obligation to justify its restrictions on Charter rights and freedoms.