Statement regarding announcement that feds require vaccination for air, rail and marine travellers, federal employees

Today’s announcement from the increasingly aggressive Trudeau government regarding vaccine passports and travel is deeply concerning to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.  The full implications of widespread vaccine mandates are not yet known, but this much is certain: they will divide society. Those persons who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated for Covid-19, as is their fundamental right, will be segregated and denied a normal existence.

They will be vilified in the media and by government, ostracized by society and ultimately persecuted. Those who defend them will be censored, silenced, and punished.

This is what a totalitarian society looks like: restriction of information (Bill C-36 for example), restrictions on the right to travel and cross regional boundaries, and segregation and persecution of dissenters.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is intended to ensure a “free and democratic society”.  This includes the right to choose to receive or not receive a new vaccine, the right to travel interprovincially and internationally, and the rights of citizens to criticize and voice concerns about coercive government measures.

The Justice Centre is carefully monitoring and reviewing these developments and will continue to defend the freedoms of Canadians through litigation. We are actively investigating and gathering appropriate fact situations for potential litigation.