The Justice Centre proposes amendments to the nightmarish Bill C-11

CALGARY: The Justice Centre filed a memorandum with the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications denouncing Bill C-11, which would give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) the power to control virtually all streaming platforms and audio-visual content uploaded on thereon.

The memorandum contains 5 amendments proposed by Justice Centre lawyers, that, if implemented, will protect Canadians from the worst aspects of C-11.

“I am sure the CRTC cannot wait to begin censoring the government’s dissenting political opponents on the internet – a power it could wield if C-11 is passed in its current form,” said Keith Pridgen, Legislative Counsel to the Justice Centre. “At best, C-11 is an ill-informed and out-of-touch attempt to regulate the internet like traditional media. Canadians do not need any help from the government to find online content that is sufficiently Canadian.”

Senator Leo Housakos, the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, has gone on record saying: “The Trudeau gov’s attempts to circumvent the democratic process and ram through flawed censorship Bill C-11 with no discussion or debate should outrage every Canadian. The Senate must and will conduct a full and transparent study of the bill.”The Justice Centre encourages all concerned Canadians to contact their Senators and remind them that freedom of speech is still important and should be protected.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is a Canadian registered charity, founded in 2010 and operating in seven provinces. Its mission is to defend fundamental freedoms, which it does by supporting legal actions and conducting various public education initiatives.

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