The nature and characteristics of totalitarianism, November 2018 speech

At a conference organized by The Rebel in Calgary on November 10, I spoke about the nature and characteristics of totalitarianism, and how it is the opposite of the free society. This 20-minute speech should be heard in its entirety.

The key point of the speech — for which I make no apology — is that governments will always use some pretext for attacking our rights and freedoms. I made the point that any flag and any symbol can be the banner under which our rights and freedoms are attacked. While refusing to provide proper context or a link to the speech, media have mischaracterized my remarks as suggesting that different flags stand for the same thing. This is simply not the case. Every flag has its own unique message and meaning. Every flag will ignite different emotions in different people, such as love, fear, hate and hope.

What I pointed out, in my 20-minute presentation, was that past attempts to enforce utopian ideals have often failed badly.  We must always take care that, in our latter-day attempts to perfect the rights of any historically wronged community, we not trammel upon the rights of others. In my presentation, I pointed out that civil liberties are fragile, and must be defended.  Unfortunately, the slogans of “diversity,” “equity,” “tolerance” and “inclusion” have been abused in ways that undermine our free society, and the fundamental freedoms of speech, conscience, religion, association and peaceful assembly.  Fundamental freedoms need to be defended, regardless of where the attack is coming from.